Affiliate Links—What are they and why do we use them?

An explanation of affiliate links and their purpose

“This section contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of these links, we may receive compensation. These links are provided for your convenience but there is no obligation or pressure to buy anything”

You may have noticed this disclosure on some of our articles. While it is pretty straightforward, we want to give you a better explanation of what affiliate links are and their purpose on Adult Baseball Central. We believe in being transparent. 

Your trust is important to us. So we want to make sure you stay informed.

What are affiliate links?

There are two main types of links you find on web sites. Internal Links– These are links that will take you to another section of an article, post or page on our site. 

  • External Links– These are links that take you to a page on another website.

You will find these on almost every page and article on most websites. They are a way for us and other sites to direct you to a site or article that is related to a subject to give you more information on what you are reading. In general, they are used to give a more in depth experience to you.

Affiliate links are a type of external link. They take you to another website, usually to a product or product type that is being discussed in the article.

  • For example- “The c271is the most common wood bat used by players today.”
    • In the above sentence, the highlighted link would take you to the c271 page on the Just Bats website.

What makes affiliate links different from a typical external link is that is that we have an affiliate partnership with the companies that affiliate links direct you to.

Not all external links are affiliate links. Some go to other articles of interest or websites that pertain to adult baseball.

But all affiliate links are a type of trusted external link.

Who Are our affiliate partners?

We only partner with companies we trust. We must believe in their products. Those products must be high quality, have a variety of choices, and importantly, must be a good fit for our site users.

While we do receive compensation if you purchase for the affiliate sites we link to, your trust in us is more valuable. If we don’t trust the company or believe their gear is a good fit for adult baseball players, you won’t see them on Adult Baseball Central.

We partner with these companies:

Just Bats–This company carries a wide variety of baseball and softball bats for all age groups. One thing that we love is the variety of bat models and bat companies that are represented there. 

Just Gloves–part of the same parent company as Just Bats, this company has a similar model for baseball gloves. They have all the most well known brands and have a wide variety of models to choose from.

Wilson Baseball–This is one of the most trusted brands in baseball. They have a lot of great gear from gloves to balls to catcher’s gear. 

Louisville Slugger–One of the oldest bat companies in the world. They have some of the best wood bats in baseball as well as other relevant products for players.

Demarini–Though they are better known for metal bats, they offer some great wood composite bats that are often the preferred bat for adult baseball players. They also offer great accessory gear such as bat bags and helmets.

Evo Shield–They are the undisputed leader in protective gear. As we get older, we want protective gear we trust. For that, they are the top of the list.

As you can see, we only partner as affiliates with companies with great reputations and good quality baseball gear. 

how we use affiliate links on our site

We use affiliate links in three different ways:

What to do with the affiliate links

If you see an affiliate link, it’s up to you whether you want to click on it. None of our content is dependent on you visiting our affiliate partners.

However, if you want to check out these partners or their baseball gear, we encourage you to click and check them out. There is no additional costs. You get the same prices and discounts you would if you visited them independently. 

If you do decide to click to one of our partners and find something you want on the baseball field, it’s your choice whether to purchase or not. But if you do, we will get a commission and that helps to offset our costs of providing this site to you. 

Rest assured, though. Even if you never click an affiliate link on our site, we are happy you are visiting Adult Baseball Central and welcome you any time. We hope you come back often to check out our newest content and resources.

Any day on the ballfield is a good day.

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